The musical work is, for me, a site where the irrational and the rational, the sensual and the conceptual, and, most basically, sound and silence, spar and dance and transcend their seeming dichotomies. Through ever-evolving interpretations of recurring musical materials, I explore the unity of memory and imagination—remembering as an act of imagining, and imagining as an act of remembering. My composing is inspired by movement and the contemplation of change, whether in the physical world or in the psyche. The physicality of musical performance and our emotional identification as listeners with its energy, gestures, and implicit drama are among its further driving forces. My early encounter with electroacoustic music also strongly affected how I approach musical creation, stoking my fascination with the fluidity of time and my attentiveness to the rhythmic, timbral, and harmonic nuances that lend what I hope to be a richer resonance to every moment.



Transparency (Part I), 2004, rev. 2010 [perc] | score | recording

Clear Sky, 2006 [sopr sax solo/ensemble] | score | recording

like morning, 2012-14 [soprano/string quartet] | score | recording


Points of no return (Inflorescence I), 1992-93 [fl/perc] | scorerecording

Praeludium (Inflorescence II), 2008-09 [pno solo] | score | recording

Danse d’été (Inflorescence III), 2010 [fl/pno] | score, see Danses Vagues

Inflorescence IV, 2011 [2 fl] | score | recording

Breathing ritual (Inflorescence V), 2012 [sopr/perc/pno] | score | recording


Conducted Ensembles

Four places, many more times, 2011 [perc quartet]
| score | recording (live)| recording (studio)|(conductor optional)

Former Selves, 1999-2007 [guit solo/ensemble/electronics] | score (unrevised) | recording (2007)  recording (2016)

Land, 1996-97 [large ensemble/playback] | score

A part of many journeys, 1993-94[hn/2 trb/vlc/cb]  (conductor optional) | score

Zwischenwelt, 1989/91 [perc solo/small ensemble] | score

“…in gleicher Weise umher”, 1988-89 [sopr/violinist/guitarist/ensemble] | score


Chamber and Solo

           Sixty Cycles, 2015 ['cello solo] | score | recording

Danses vagues, 2010/2014 [fl/pno] | score | recording

Les yeux ouverts, 2009-10 [vibraphone solo] | score | recording

Belle du desert, 1995/98-99/2001 [sopr/perc/playback] | scorerecording

Reprise, 1996 [bcl solo] | score

Utopian, 1993 [trb solo] | score

Downstream, 1991-92 [guit/playback] | scorerecording

Glimpses, 1986, rev.1988 [fl/vla/guit] | score

Her Dance Refracted, 1983/85 [fl/vn] | score



Oneirograph (Studies I-III), 2015 [with optional film] | recording

Tel, 1985-87