Inflorescence (series)

1992 – 2012


Points of no return (Inflorescence I) (1992-93) for flute and percussion
Praeludium (Inflorescence II) (2008-09) for piano
Danse d’été (Inflorescence III) (2010) for flute and piano
Inflorescence IV (2011) for two flutes
Breathing ritual (Inflorescence V) (2012) for voice, percussion and piano

The title of this collection of pieces signifies the process of flowering. The five works share two particular attributes that distinguish them from most of my compositions. One of these commonalities is that their germinal pitch resources refer to borrowed material. Their other shared characteristic is that their identities emerged through the compositional process itself, which is to say, I did not have a clear idea where the pieces were “going” or what they were “about” before embarking on them.